Advantages of Buying Marijuana Clones in Los Angeles

Growing marijuana can be started from pot seeds or from cuttings. Growing cannabis starting from seeds will require germination and a few days to weeks of waiting before the plants will finally sprout while growing weed from clones will let you save money and time.

There are many marijuana enthusiasts who prefer to cultivate marijuana starting from clones because of the many benefits that this process in cannabis growing can offer. If you are growing pot and you started from cuttings, you can harvest the buds at an earlier time. If you want to buy marijuana plant clones, you can browse to

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Among the benefits that gardeners can have if they choose growing weed from clones are:

  • Save time

Less time is required in pot growing because marijuana clones are used instead of weed seeds that need to be germinated. Thus, saving time is possible because seed germination is not needed.

  • Save money

A grower can have money saved because there is no need for purchasing marijuana seeds. All you need is to choose a healthy mother plant with good quality genetics where you will get your cuttings from. Expect to get the exact genetics that the mother plant has.

  • Assurance of Growing Female Plants

Growing marijuana starting from cuttings obtained from a feminized mother plant will ensure you of growing all female plants.

To ensure quality, it is suggested that you clone a mother plant three to four times only. Although cloning from a single female marijuana plant can be done more than four times, the chance of growing cannabis hermaphrodites (with male characteristics) is possible.