Benefits of Orgone pyramids

Orgone is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich of the word  "organism" or spirit and physical matter. He began to explore how to harness this energy and speed up from 1940 on, it began to build so-called accumulators, devices used to harness and increase energy in the body.

Today, many people are using these accumulators orgonite to strengthen their own energy and harness the energy of the universe. You can also purchase orgonite pyramid online.

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The mixture of resin mixed with metal shavings, copper and crystal in the special form. I especially like the pyramids and high in plant form crystals in the accelerating force.

They seem to strengthen their inherent energy of certain crystals greatly and can be used for many purposes programmed into the orgone.

Orgone pyramid benefits:

1. Protection of EMF radiation

2. Deepen meditation

3. Increased plant growth

4. Remove the negative energy in certain places

5. Energy More

6. Balanced Moods

7. Decreased sensitivity to EMF

Once you obtain Orgone pyramid, there are steps you need to follow to get maximum benefit from it:

 Step 1: Let the pyramid absorb sunlight for about half-an-hour by placing it in the sun. This will remove the pyramid.

Step 2: Now hold close to your heart pyramid and, to put full focus on the crystal, connect with it.

Step 3: Once you feel a connection has been made, bringing to mind your intentions. pyramid will help you in achieving the best possible manner.