Best Eco Friendly Straws Options

Plastic or vinyl straws are under significant public scrutiny lately, because of the perceived connection with the huge amount of vinyl and other refuse, floating around as enormous garbage stains within our oceans.

In this article well discuss eco-friendly straws that are as good, or even better as vinyl. There are lots of businesses who are extremely popular because of their quality eco friendly straws. For more information about the eco friendly straws, you can visit

bamboo straws

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Bamboo straws

Bamboo is an almost perfect material for making eco-friendly straws. Bamboo has many properties that are advantageous. Bamboo is a durable, watertight material together with straws which might be used and reused many times.

Furthermore, bamboo contains antibacterial properties which are good and it doesn’t become stained or discolored quite easily by food alternatives.

Therefore, a set of bamboo straws is best to buy and keep home for your occasions when you would like a straw.

Paper straws have emerged as an alternate substance to meet with the dependence on eco friendly, disposable straws. Paper has many advantages of vinyl as it’s biodegradable.

Left to its own devices, a paper straw will break down in 6 months, in salt water. If properly composted, paper straws split in a couple of weeks.

Furthermore, it’s probably somewhat optimistic to believe they’ll be composted on a massive scale. Likely, a whole lot of paper straws will end up in landfills.