Car Window Tint In Simple Steps

Car window tint provides privacy and UV protection. However, before starting this project yourself, it's better to measure the window tint film. This is a precise task.

Here we discuss in detail about window-tint-manufacturer film:

1: You will need the following tools and materials:Sound film, X-Acto blades, razors, hairdryer or heat gun, 4-inch windshield wipers, small sponge, 4-inch hard card, bone tools and spray bottle filled with a mixture of soap and cleaning water.

Car Window Tint

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2:Cut the film in the form of a window. Set the clipping aside on a piece of glass or a special area for cuttings of film. This can easily be done using the exterior of the car window as a template.

3: Spray the side glass with a mixture of soap and water.

4: Use the razor to go through the side window to remove dirt.

5: Use a 4 inch windshield wiper to wipe the dirt from top to bottom. Put in the rest of the film.

6: Apply shadow to the side window. Leave 1/4 inch to 1/16 inch from the top of the window spotless. It closes when the windows and doors are closed. 

7: Take a hair dryer with one hand and an eraser with the other and heat the top on one side, moving the screen horizontally with the eraser on the other.  You can also search online to get more information about car window film.