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Enrichment and Toys – Best Behavior Dog Training

Before buying an enrichment toys like treat dispensers, licking pads or DIY toys, make sure that whatever toys you will buy is suitable for your dog. If your dog is a power chewer or destroyer make sure the enrichment toys that he’s not going to eat that toy. 

Similarly, if your dog likes to chew and destroy things, try toys that are suitable for chewers. If there are any small pieces, watch your dog when he’s playing with his toys so that he doesn’t accidentally swallow something he shouldn’t. If you are looking to buy perfect enrichment toys then you can look for options like bones design emat enrichment licking mat

Licking mats is designed to keep both the body and mind occupied. Some dogs start chewing in order to receive attention and others may do this due to stress or anxiety. Licking mats are a great way to help your little when they feel bored or alone. It helps alleviate the pain, irritation, and distress caused by it.

Choose the right enrichment toys

  • While buying the enrichment toys for your dogs there are various things that you have to keep in mind, choose the ones that please your dog’s palate without upsetting their tummy. Choose the best quality of treats which you want to spread or put into it. 
  • Check out the hardness, ingredients, texture, and durability of the product. Look and feel the product yourself before you buy it
  • Always read the labels of the chews that you want to buy. Read the packaging and search for terms such as natural, grain-free, human-grade, etc.