Cleaning the Air – With Houseplants!

The air inside your home is extremely polluted, it is nearly 11 times more hazardous than the air outside. Items that are commonly used in the home, such as furniture air fresheners, polymers, synthetic fibers, household cleaners, and insecticides are all able to cause harmful amounts of formaldehyde-based VOCs e within your home.

Houseplants are the most efficient method of purifying the air, as research studies have proven. Certain houseplants are naturally detoxifying. They do not just take harmful substances out of the air that you breathe. Ficus Alii works extremely well on purifying the air.

Ficus Alii

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 There are many different houseplants that are not equal, though. When it comes to cleaning your air clean, the most effective performers are those with the highest levels of transpiration and strong, healthy plants that are better at detoxifying the air than dying or neglected ones.

The plants that are most effective in accordance with Green Plants for Green Buildings The top plants are as follows:

  1. Bamboo Palm: Easy to take care of with a high transpiration rating that pumps much-needed humidity into the air.
  2.  Dwarf Date Palm One of the most effective in removing toxins, especially xylene. slow-growing and with longevity.
  3.  Ficus Alii The resistance to insects, the ease of growth, and the ability to eliminate pollutants make it a preferred option for office or home use.