Data-Driven Marketing Starts With Data, Not Software

Businesses understand that the key to customer influence or prospects is to reach them at the right time at the time of purchase. Multi-channel marketing, driven by a single, organized and integrated consumer view, enables companies to successfully conduct data-based marketing.

A successful data driven marketing is very important in a business. The success of data-based marketing is based on two products:

1. A single client display (sometimes called a 360 degree display)

2. Acceptable marketing data

Single client display

To develop a unified customer view of all users, companies must integrate all potential customer and marketing information in one place. The key is to compare all available data about a person with that person.

Linking every aspect of a user to all the different variables that apply to that user can be a daunting task. However, if done correctly, one customer's view will give marketing professionals plenty of knowledge.

With an integrated consumer perspective, companies can analyze and understand the entire journey of consumers. This knowledge gives companies data-based capabilities to send the right message at the right time and use the right channel for the right recipient.

Acceptable marketing data

To enable customers and prospects to have personalized, relevant and timely interactions, marketers need relevant marketing data. Acceptable data means that your data is always reliable, accessible, current and integrated (TAFI).

Without real data, companies have no basis for marketing data. The countless marketing systems that companies use for multi-channel marketing are as good as the data used by the system. Data-based marketing starts with data, not software.