Decorating Ideas For Silver Trays With Old Glass

Silver trays are a very interesting item, especially vintage and traditional ones. You can place them wherever you want and they look great on a variety of furniture like cabinets.

Women more often use this tray as a holder for items such as hairbrushes and mirrors. You can also use your wits to create beautiful arrangements using old glass serving trays and bottles.

silver tray

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Before using the bottle, make sure it is properly shaped. If your bottle comes with a paper label, make sure that the label is attached correctly and the text is understandable.

The best thing you can do is choose a bottle that fits the layout of the room. For example, if you plan to use it to decorate your bathroom, you can use an old bottle filled with health or beauty products.

Old medicine bottles and makeup bottles paired with silver plates can create an extraordinary feeling. If you want to feel great in your kitchen, design it with a bottle made of cooking utensils, and if you want your laundry to taste great, have a few leftover bottles of various silverplate cleaning products ready.

Never display old bottles on a silver tray without adding some decorative elements. If you are using a transparent glass bottle, try adding a little color additive to the water to fill it. The results will be extraordinary.