Free And Affordable Things To Do In Tampa

1. Take a walk along the beautiful Bayshore Boulevard

If you love beaches and walking, this is the best thing to do in Tampa. Bayshore Boulevard is the longest sidewalk at Globes, about four and a half miles long. You can enjoy panoramic views of multi-million dollar homes and condos, as well as the beautiful Bay of Tampa.

2. People watch

You can enjoy the Gasparilla Parade from hot spots such as the Centro Ybor. You can also be there during the Gasparilla Parade to enjoy the festivities. After the parade, you can go to town to enjoy a street party. Add this to your list of things to do in Tampa. Enjoy the parade of shopping malls such as the Centro Ybor, which is full of restaurants and shops. You can also know more best things to do in Tampa via

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3. Love to shop?

You can visit a large flea market, which has been voted the best flea market in Tampa. There are more than 1000 cabins with clothes, electronics, and sports equipment. Another place to visit for things to do in Tampa is Brandon Town Center, where your popular attractions like the Banana Republic and Dillard's are located.

4.  Jazz fest

Maybe music is the most important thing in Tampa. How about a jazz festival? The Clearwater Jazz Festival is held every October in Clearwater in Coachman Park. You can enjoy jazz from some of the best jazz musicians. This event has been going on for more than 30 years. Absolutely wonderful thing to do in Tampa Bay if you're a jazz fanatic.

Whether you're shopping, strolling along the beach, and enjoying the sunsets, Tampa has things anyone can enjoy for free. Tampa is a place where the air is always warm and the beaches are always clean.