How to Polish and Detail Your Own Car

Most people already know how to polish and dry their own car. Why should you tell them how to do it? In fact, there is an easy way to do it.

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First, let me say that you should start with a clean car. I don't want to go into too many details, but in general, you want to wash your hands and dry everything. Then you should definitely drive a car with clay rods. Just a piece of clay, a piece of clay that you spray on.

Spray is used as a paint lubricant while a clay stick is applied to the paint to remove dirt and grit that have accumulated in your paint layer. After that, it is safe to rub scratches on transparent coating or paint.

The first step in scrubbing paint is determining the extent of your damage. Do you have scratches that your nails can feel and lift? When you are straight, you have deep scratches that are difficult to remove. It gets worse when you can see below the bottom layer.

When you look at metal, it has all the transparent layers and colors going through it. If you have a scratch this deep, the first thing to do is repair it. You can get scratch repair kits online or locally from a variety of detailed auto dispatch companies.