Know About Perfect Password Practice

By all accounts our own and all the places where we need to use the user name and password, a full-time job keeping it all together. The easiest way for most people is to use the user name and the same password for all their accounts whenever possible.

Most of the time it is just a different user name, but often remain the same password for every account they open or devices they use. This is very dangerous and I will explain why. You can browse to know about password security.

There are several ways of leaking out your password. You just might, inadvertently, said loud when entering the password. If someone is standing nearby, he/she can easily retrieve it and may use it later to gain access to the restricted area is protected by a password.


People sometimes write their passwords on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. What is the use if you leave the key in the door? The same principle applies to passwords. The password is the key to the restricted area, you should not let the key lying around for anyone to use.

Send your password via e-mail is not so good and it is 99% of the time signs of fraudulent activity. You should be careful when people ask for your password will be sent over the Internet via e-mail. Companies often sent your login details via e-mail.

You must print the details, save a printed copy in a safe place, and delete the e-mail. E-mail worms and viruses can easily scan e-mail for a password. A different way of losing your password is not limited.