Know More About Who Is Eligible For Italian Citizenship By Descent

Italian citizenship by descent (Jure Sanguinis) is a subject which at times might appear convoluted and rather intricate. Within this guide we'll know about some opportunity to tackle who is  eligible for Italian citizenship by descent.

Someone who's qualified for Italian citizenship by descent would acquire eligibility in the huge majority of cases by having been born to a person of Italian descent who either was a citizen of Italy or would have been eligible for citizenship themselves. 

Additionally, there are situations when an individual could possibly be adopted into a family line by an Italian parent or by a parent who has the right to Italian citizenship.  You can find more information about the best italian citizenship providers via the web. 

italian citizenship

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Normally, Italian citizenship by descent applicants would be eligible for recognition of Italian citizenship by meeting the following requirements:

This individual is of Italian descent (or was adopted by a person of Italian descent as a minor (before age 21 if before 1975 — or — before age 18 if after 1975).

Make sure applicants Italian born ancestor was alive after the formation and unification of Italy in 1861.

This individual's Italian born ancestor never lost his/her Italian citizenship by naturalization in a foreign country or only naturalized after the birth of their child who'd be the next person in the direct Italian lineage demonstrating the connection of the petitioner back to his/her Italian born ascendant.