Mulch in The Garden/ Farm

Mulching is done to improve the texture of the soil, so as to improve vegetation in your farm/garden. To do mulching in the garden/farm you need to do various things. You may also visit to more know more about mulching.

Some of them are listed below:

· Maintain even soil temperatures.

· Reduce evaporation (saving water).

· Slows down marijuana growth.

· Reduces soil compaction.

· Boost soil microbial activity.

· Provides a more slow-release supply of nourishment (fewer compound fertilizers). 


                                                                     Image Source- Google

But now the question arises on how to utilize compost; to do this you need to clear everything from the garden/farm. Turn the soil and divide the surface. Various kinds of mulch have various effects in your backyard or garden.

Drench the soil around the plant, instead of regular wide spraying since it promotes root growth and healthy plants. Apply mulch around 75mm thick. Be careful to not put mulch in the stem or trunk of the plant, or it might lead to disease like trunk/root rot in the plant.

This procedure can be used for planting with no digging. You'll have to cover the region with thick paper for a couple of weeks. The newspaper will have to be kept in position with bricks/rocks etc.