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Get Free Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating software has become an essential tool in the arsenals of home renovation contractors, builders, DIY, as well as some home owners who are looking to educate themselves to better negotiating a pricing with contractors.

Therefore it is important to specify what these tools are all about and what they can accomplish. Simply stated, a estimating & bidding software for construction is an automatic tool that calculates pricing by determining the quantity of materials needed for a job multiplied by the unit price to achieve the estimated material cost for that particular material.

Then it sums all of the material costs to reach a total estimated material cost. This information can then be used by builders to mark up their price, by DIY home owners to find out their renovation cost or by a intelligent home/project proprietor to better negotiate pricing with contractors.

In order for these tools to provide you with the right information, it is going to need you to input various numbers such as the size or dimensions of your project. For instance to calculate building a certain Gable roof, you may need to provide the length and width of the roof, the beam thickness, roof angle, overhang gable, spacing between the beams, etc.