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Mazda MX 6: Shining Amidst A New Trend

Who doesn't know what Mazda is? Mazda is certainly one of the most popular and recognized vehicle brands in the world. Someone who has lived in a world where there are cars and vehicles and automobiles would know what Mazda is. This brand of the vehicle seems to be very popular because of the type of car they make and manufacture. This vehicle is made of high-quality materials, is unique, and can perform very well.

One of the most well-liked Mazda brands is the Mazda MX 6 which was launched in early 1988. This vehicle has the performance, flexibility, and style that is in line with the trend of the automotive world. Although the Mazda MX 6 is a sports coupe and it still shines in today's trends. If you also looking for buying Mazda for you then you can surely visit and choose one that suits best your need, style, and taste.

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What makes this vehicle unique is that its design is actually based on a concept car from the early '80s. This holds the GD platform. The power of this car comes from the 2.2 liters SOHC Mazda F2 engine which has four cylinders. Its engine has an output of 110 hp. A turbocharged version of the same engine sits in the fairing of the Mazda MX 6 GT. The turbocharged version is able to generate around 145 hp.

Mazda MX 6 second generation is coming. The new ones have engines that can generate more power. For this new batch, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder FS engine with an output of around 118 hp is offered and a 2.5-liter V6 engine with an output of around 164 to 170 hp is offered.