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Know About Ancient Art Of Africa

African art not only attracts attention, but serves a purpose in part, especially ancient African art. Ancient African art was created not only to please the eye, but also to serve a social purpose. 

Although most of the ancient African arts were used for religious purposes such as masks and headgear. This isn't the only place they use art. African art is based on the basic things they use in everyday life. 

There are several african art galleries in New York. To get more information about the african art gallery visit Most of the works of art can be found in lost civilizations of Africa, where everyday items such as plates, drinking glasses, glasses and more. 

african art gallery

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Since most of the arts are utilitarian, they mainly use their works of art in their daily life. As Africa is a large continent it also has many tribes and these different tribes have cultures and art forms that are unique to their own tribe. 

So the amount of African art is enormous. If you think about it, there are over a thousand different tribes on the continent, which means a thousand different art forms. Art from South Africa is completely different from art from North Africa.

Much of the ancient African art was based on wildlife, animals and plants. They are the simplest wood carvings. Sometimes you will see statues made of clay or terracotta; These statues are usually made based on tribal leaders or elders.