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Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Lease Out Office Space

Plan to rent or lease office space for your business? Had trouble finding a suitable place to rent? With plenty of empty commercial office space found on the market, for sure, you are confused about the different facilities that were considered for offers, promotions, and discount packages offered to prospective tenants.

Business planning is not solely limited to formulating strategies to generate revenue, but also part of your job as an entrepreneur to find a decent office for rent. With the recent economic crisis, everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs in all aspects of business, including finding an affordable office space for rent. You can visit this link to lease out office space.

Before you take the plunge and sign a contract, ask all the questions you can think of to ensure your safety and to meet your needs.

Suggested questions to ask relative to lease commercial office:

How much monthly rent? – This is one of the important questions to ask your landlord. Ask if there are discounts, promotions, or offers that are offered if you pay in advance.

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What facilities are included in the rent? – Ask the owner what the facilities offered in the facility. Ask the owner of the rent is inclusive of electricity, water, internet connection, telephone connection, room comfort, and much more.

What is the contract term? – Inquire about the term of your lease contract. How do you pay your rent? Inquire about the base rent, annual rent, the rate of smoking, security deposits, and long lease and renewal options.

What are the consequences of breaking the lease contract? – Ask the owner about the punishment and the consequences that you receive after you break your lease contract.

What are the options offered if you decide to expand or shrink your office space? – Ask the owner if you are allowed to make changes and renovation of facilities.