What You Need To Know About Accountants And Their Duties

Accountants are expert practitioners who are aware of accounting. They are men and women who are skilled and knowledgeable in bookkeeping, whether for individuals, businesses, non-governmental organizations, or competent authorities.

As part of their work, they are charged with the obligation to develop and also control the accounting system, which is necessary to record various business operations, trade, and financial transfers both in and out of the business. To get more details about accountants in Bunbury you may browse this site.


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Documented data and stored by these systems help the company's decision-maker to make the best decision regarding the flow of financial and other resources. The same data can be handled by tax regulators to assure tax compliance by firms.

Different types of accounts that exist in the field are:

Accounting and Financial Reporting

As its name suggests, this particular type is associated with the preparation of reports that are intended for external use. The reports are financial statements.

Tax accounting

Tax accounting has become one of the most famous types of accounting services. Essentially, it is associated with the accounting service provided by the tax obligations by individuals and businesses.

Management accounting

Management accounting is performed with the main focus being on the internal use of the report for management purposes. Internal reports receive more financial information to strengthen the management of the organization, the development of strategic plans, and especially the development of the company's budget.